Vanessa Viveira

Teacher at Centre jeunesse de Laval

Vanessa Vieira aspires to inspire others to live their best life possible as she leads by example. With almost a decade of experience in teaching different styles of yoga for adults and children, Vanessa  yearn for building positive and inclusive communities. She is a Reiki, Meditation, Trauma Informed, Yin & Therapeutic Yoga graduate and has worked with many great teachers including, Dr. Madan Bali. Vanessa also has the honour and privilege to work with the Yoga Mala Foundation since 2016. Through the Foundation, Vanessa can offer weekly yoga practices to the youth at the Centre de Jeunesse in Laval. Over the years, she has witnessed how yoga and meditation can support the youth’s process of this community in the most positive ways. She is a proud and devoted Mother, Lululemon legacy ambassador, movement educator and leader in her community. Her classes are designed with the intention of having you feel motivated and ready to reach your fullest potential in all aspects of your being.

Pierre-Vincent Breault-Ruel

Teacher at Nazareth’s house

I have been teaching yoga and meditation in Montreal for 10 years, and have recently completed a Masters in Social Work (MSW) at UQAM. I use yoga, meditation and nature (horticultural and eco-therapy) in intervention as a way to (re)connect with ourselves and the environment. I work with a wide population, ranging from older adults in nursing homes and the LGBTQ+ community, to people with mental health issues. I am interested in the body-mind connection, and how this practice can support our healing, resilience and skillful engagement in the world.

Alba Gil

Teacher at the Jewish General Hospital Child Centre for Development and Mental Health

For Alba Gil, yoga is as much about creating a community as connecting with a healthy desire to play. And at the heart of yoga are individuals, with their uniqueness, and the mindfulness of the moment. A graduate of the 500-hour
Naada Yoga teacher training, a Rainbow Kids yoga teacher and a passionate filmmaker, Alba teaches yoga to children, families and adults in English, French and Spanish. She strongly believes that it takes a village not only to raise a child but to nurture all members of a family wherever they’re at in their family journey. For her, yoga is an excellent tool to help young people thrive regardless of their living conditions.

Born and raised in Mexico, Alba made her home in Montreal more than eight years ago. Since her son's birth, she feels a need to connect with other families and share resources about respect, empowerment, empathy and compassion. Her playful and imaginative approach integrating several elements of mindfulness characterizes her classes that she likes to co-create with participants to meet their needs of the moment. Her greatest pride is to be part of a the creation of a vibrant community centered around family yoga in Montreal.

Audrey Morin

Administrator at Yoga Mala Foundation

Audrey began yoga in 2010, interested by the holistic side of this practice that allows her to connect body, head & heart. She discovered a lifestyle that goes well beyond her mat.

The classes offered by Audrey are influenced by her studies in somatic and meditation practices, her love for dance and her training in youth intervention. Her main intention aim to allow a constant return to the internal sensations to enter into relationship with oneself, others and its environment in a renewed way.

Sharing the practice with young people constantly reminds her of the importance of fun and play in exploration! Her experience with an Inuit community for 5 years has also greatly nourished her community-oriented teaching and the importance of listening to consider the diversity of experiences.

The democratization of yoga and wellness practices is the heart of her current work. Audrey therefore hopes to be able to offer a respectful space allowing each living body to find what it aspires through practice.

Jas Sethi

Subbing at West Island Cancer Wellness Center

”Yoga and mindfulness, is a journey of the self, to the self, through the self” describes her journey.’

Jas has first hand experience with chronic pain, spinal limitations with surgical intervention, tragic loss and path of recovery, self-love, and finding one’s voice. Through the last 20 plus years of mindfulness and meditation practice which led to study of body, mind, spirit relation with yoga Internationally, she has experienced transformation in her down life. Extremely passionate about the relationship of body/mind/spirit, Jas has a strong message to share and a commitment to help others by teaching and coaching in a group class or a workshop, as well as one on one setting through the practice of yoga or with meditation. Hatha yoga, Restorative yoga, Kundalini yoga and some meditative approaches are some of her tools.

Jasmine Ellemo

Teacher at the West Island Cancer Wellness Center

Jasmine’s motto is ‘fit and well for a lifetime’, encouraging and inspiring everyone to adopt a healthy, fit and vibrant lifestyle. She is a well-known and versatile personal trainer and body movement leader with decades of experience. She is an E-RYT 200 and 500 RYT Yoga Alliance member, a licensed Yoga Tune Up® instructor and SUP Yoga teacher. Founder of Jasmine Rose Yoga® in 2015, Jasmine ‘s weekly teaching schedule includes a class at the West Island Cancer Wellness Centre (in collaboration with the Yoga Mala Foundation and LuluLemon’s Here to Be program) as well as popular fitness classes for the 50+ plus crowd in
St. Lazare.

Jasmine pursues her studies as a student of the body. Her passions include wellness, tennis, windsurfing, cross-country skiing, gardening, music, cooking and walking her dog in the woods.

Kelly Davis

Subbing at Mile End Mission

Kelly Davis, RYT-200, is an artist and yoga teacher, and a new resident to Montreal after relocating from Vancouver in 2018. As both a performing and visual artist, Kelly has fostered a lifelong exploration into body-centred movement, sound and stillness as a means to live a more full and experiential life.

The practice of meditation led her to turn to yoga not only as a means of exercise, but one of complete self-renewal after a particularly harmful period brought about by complex trauma and
addiction issues that left her both mentally and physically depleted. She is thankful for the communities at both Mountain Rain Zen and Karma Teachers for their heart-driven work that run on donation-based models.

Coupled with her mentorship work at Directions Youth Service, a homeless and at-risk youth drop-in centre in Downtown Vancouver, Kelly knew her purpose was to teach. Her love of yoga led her to gain her 200-hour teaching certificate from Wakeful Heart Yoga. She is currently taking her 300-hour advanced training at Naada Yoga in Montreal.

Marie-Josée Katcho

Teacher at the Mile End Mission

As a certified yoga instructor, I aim to teach asanas with mindfulness as to initiate my students to the meditative aspects of the yogic discipline. My focus is slowing the movement and encouraging integration. My years of experience with food are highly influencing my present project and teaching style; finding ways to nourish the mind and body by pairing food and yoga.

Nancy Zagbayou

Teacher at Road Less Traveled Programm at Concordia Université and subbing for Anne’s House.

Nancy has been practicing yoga since 2014 and she did her yin, gentle yoga, and hatha teacher trainings at HappyTree Yoga. Her goal as a yoga teacher is to teach in a joyful way that nourishes the mind, body and soul while integrating her wealth of knowledge and experience into her classes. Before meeting this discipline, she practiced, capoeira, contemporary, classical, and African dance.

Susan Bronson

Subbing at the Mile End Mission

Susan Bronson, RYT-500, completed her Yoga Teacher Training and her Yoga Therapy Training at Naada Yoga in 2014, after 35 years working as a heritage architect. It seemed like a natural shift from ensuring that buildings age gracefully and maintain their vitality to assisting people to do the same. Specialized in Yoga for Bone Health, Susan possesses certifications in Relax and Renew®, Yoga for Healthy Aging and Nutritherapy. Her passion is helping students develop a mature yoga practice that recognizes and respects their limits but that never ceases to grow, deepen and renew.

Valerie Cordemans

Subbing at West Island Cancer Wellness Center

Giving back, sharing, observing, listening has all been in me ever since I can remember. Yoga has helped me get it out in an “efficient” way! Started 20 years ago and intrigued about what I experienced the first time I practiced, I explored the many styles of yoga to finally take the Naada teacher training. Even if I completed over 1000hrs of training, specialized in yoga for scoliosis, it’s the exchange with the students that makes me grow constantly.

My husband and I run a small studio, Ekagrata Yoga, that brings us happiness every day! I am very honoured to be an ambassador for Yoga Mala Foundation and share my practice with others.