June 11-14 2020

The Inclusion Yoga Service conference is a city-wide event aimed at sparking dialogue and interaction within the larger yoga community around subjects such as intersectionality, consent and cultural appropriation.  Presented by the Yoga Mala Foundation this conference aims at bringing together forerunners in the field of yoga service as well as drawing together the local yoga community facing these challenges today.  Help build on the community of yoga teachers and students that support and motivate each other to uplift the holistic benefits of yoga while upholding social responsibility.



Donna is a Yoga teacher who has been practicing for 35 years and teaching since 1982. She is one of the most sought after guest teachers in the world, leading intensives and teacher training programs internationally. Donna is best known for her unique ability to help students and teachers embody their spiritual practice. Her work focuses on the refinement of natural and universal movement principles that underlie all Yoga practice. Read more.


Susanna is a teacher, coach, inclusivity promoter and yoga culture advocate. She helps yoga teachers, studios, nonprofits and businesses become leaders in equity, diversity and yogic values so they can embody thriving yoga leadership with integrity and confidence. Read more


Matthew has been practicing meditation and yoga since 1996, learning from teachers from the Tibetan Buddhist, Kripalu, Ashtanga, and Iyengar streams. From 2008 through 2012 he co-directed Yoga Festival Toronto and Yoga Community Toronto, non-profit activist organizations dedicated to promoting open dialogue and accessibility. His most recent book, Practice and All is Coming: Abuse, Cult Dynamics, and Healing in Yoga and Beyond is earning praise internationally as a groundbreaking resource for critical thinking and community health. Read more.


Jamilah Malika Abu-Bakare is a senior teacher, mentor lead and teacher training facilitator for New Leaf Foundation, faculty for Kathryn Bruni Young’s 2020 Mindful Strength Teacher Immersion and Brown Girls Yoga founding collective member. as the manager of a downtown yoga studio (2010-15,) she initiated immeasurable change in Toronto’s yoga community with the positive space initiative with director, Christi-an Slomka, introducing radical offerings like consent cards, $8 classes, childcare during classes, brown girls yoga, queer yoga, and educational opportunities for staff and students on inclusivity and yoga. Jamilah is grateful these conversations have grown in popularity and it is her pleasure to continue to the work of yoga as an embodied practice of kind attention in the world.

More presenters to come


9:30am – 12pm Yoga and Inclusivity with Jamilah Malika 10am – 4:30pm Teaching Through Touch -Restoring touch as a powerful tool for learning with Donna Farhi 10am – 4:30pm Teaching Through Touch -Restoring touch as a powerful tool for learning with Donna Farhi
1:30pm – 4:00pm PRISM – A method to foster transparency and safety in practice communities with Matthew Remski6pm -9pm Honouring the Roots of Yoga with Susanna Barkataki
6pm -9pm Panel Discussion – A conversation around consent with Susanna Barkataki, Donna Farhi, Matthew Remski

Jamilah Malika

Yoga and Inclusivity – an embodied practice of kind attention in the world.

What does it mean that our yoga practice is embodied and in the world? Join Jamilah Malika, for a conversation about yoga, our bodies and the world where we define terms, reflect on key questions, and practice opening our perspectives to experiences we may not personally live. yoga teaches us how to sit with discomfort – to breathe, listen, soften and stay – it is ok to notice whatever comes up when we talk about power in our community. the practice of acknowledging and challenging barriers to yoga within ourselves and in the world is the same as the practice of any asana; today, this conversation may feel stiff, but with practice, in two, four, or ten years, we can cultivate greater compassion

Friday June 12 9:30am-12pm


Matthew Remski

PRISM: Pause, Research, Investigate, Show, and Model

Yoga practice is only as therapeutic and transformative as the communities that hold it are ethical, healthy, and resilient. Sadly, too many yoga communities have failed to deliver, while nevertheless portraying the experience of yoga in wholly positive terms.  In this workshop we will play close attention to that range of experiences — from transformative to traumatic — as reported by people from many yoga communities. The intention is to encourage a practice of acknowledging and healing trauma patterns in the culture, so that communities can expand their safety and inclusivity.

Friday June 12 1:30-4:00pm


Donna Farhi

Teaching Through Touch -Restoring touch as a powerful tool for learning

Somatic research shows that movement is learned more quickly through the sense of kinesthesia (felt sensation) than through the visual field (monkey see, monkey do) or the auditory senses (Simon says). Yet many yoga practitioners have become justifiably leery of being “adjusted”. When touch is filtered through the lens of assumption and correction according to an outside authority, even the simplest exchange can become damaging. In this 2-day intensive Donna will explore how touch can be restored as a wholesome tool for shared inquiry between teacher and student. Integral to this work is a model for communication that embodies compassionate witnessing and respect for the individual’s self sovereignty. In this exchange the student, not the teacher, determines the best position and the optimal pressure, depth and duration of touch. We’ll begin by learning how to offer neutral cellular touch as a means to connect, listen, and establish a kinesthetic ground from which more distinct and nuanced qualities of movement can be both felt and suggested. We’ll build on this through dyad work that uses touch to educate, sensitize, support, expand, restore sensory memory . . . and even heal.

Saturday June 13 10am-4:30 pm & Sunday June 14 10am-4:30pm


Susanna Barkataki

Honouring the roots of yoga

Learn how to have courageous conversations, embody equity, diversity and yogic values, and integrate visionary leadership into your classes and practice.  This workshop is for any devoted practitioner, teacher, studio owner and yoga student who wants to integrate more equity while properly honoring the roots of yoga. 

Saturday June 13 6-9pm


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