In addition to maintaining ongoing outreach yoga programs throughout Montreal, the Yoga Mala Foundation is proud to offer trainings focused on educating, supporting, and empowering yoga professionals who are interested in working with specialized populations.

In an effort to provide financial accessibility to yoga teachers interested in these educational opportunities the Yoga Mala Foundation is offering partial and full scholarships. Scholarship recipients will be welcomed as Yoga Mala Foundation ambassadors representing the values of accessibility and carrying the mission of our organization beyond the yoga studio walls.

To apply please fill out the following form.

Upcoming Training

200 Hour Foundational In-Studio or Online Naada Yoga Teacher Training

Start date: October 20th 2021 

The in-studio or online 200hr Foundation training program is designed to make the deeper aspects of yoga accessible to people of all ages and physical abilities from the comfort of your own home at your own pace. Whether you plan to teach yoga or develop your own personal practice, this program provides the knowledge and tools necessary to impart this living practice onto others, safely, skillfully and with integrity. Students who complete the in-studio or online 200hr program will have gained a tremendous insight into the world of yoga and establish an internationally recognized accreditation as well as the foundation for a complete NYTT 500hr certification.


Students wanting to apply for a 200 Hour certification must register first for the full training and then are free to complete the course at their own pace. The entire program can be completed over a period of one to two years maximum. Once all 4 NYTT modules have been successfully completed, in addition to all exams, and practicum hours, you will be eligible to receive your 200 Hour NYTT certification as standardized by the Canadian and American yoga alliances.

Visit our website for more details and full 2021 schedule here.

Full Tuition for IN-STUDIO 200hr: early bird (registration before October 15th 2021) $2600 (plus tax) or (registration after October 15th 2021) $2950 (plus tax)

Full Tuition for ONLINE 200hr: early bird (registration before October 15th 2021) $2100 (plus tax) or (registration after October 15th 2021) $2400 (plus tax)

Location:  IN-STUDIO @ Naada Yoga (5540 Casgrain, Montreal, QC, Canada) or ONLINE from the comfort of your home


Naada Yoga Diversity Scholarship Program


In order to be eligible to receive this scholarship you must have be available to participate in the entirety of the Naada Yoga 200 Hour Foundational In-Studio or Online Teacher Training Program. Details and 2021 schedule may be found here.

You must also please complete this application in its entirety.

Further, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • You come from either a socially and/or economically disadvantaged background
  • You represent an underrepresented population not commonly found in modern yoga studio settings
  • Have been severely financially affected by COVID-19

Please Note: This scholarship is for $500 off of the tuition for the 200hr In-Studio or Online program.  Attending this program will require you to pay the tuition in 4 instalments within the first four months of your participation.  The program is conducted in English.    

Scholarship Overview

This Naada Yoga Diversity Scholarship is made possible by a grant from the Yoga Mala Foundation.

Naada Yoga has three core values: Passion, Inclusiveness & Action. To date we have seen visible results in the areas of passion and action, while inclusiveness remained a more nebulous concept; achieved by including individuals from across many races/ages/industry sectors.

During a 2017 series of workshops and discussions hosted by the Yoga Mala Foundation, it came to our attention that, due to longstanding structures and systems in our society, leadership opportunities and programs like ours may have been viewed as less than inclusive. This scholarship program is meant to break down such barriers, making Naada Yoga’s teacher training program a more equitable opportunity for all. With all of this in mind Naada Yoga is continually taking steps to ensure that our school and our teacher training program participants and graduates reflect the diversity of our community.

How to Apply

Applications for the Scholarship are available from now until October 15th 2021. Applications are available online here.

Selection Process: A scholarship selection committee will review all qualified applications and select the scholarship recipients. All applicants will be notified by email of the final selection by October 18th, 2021.

Questions: Please contact us at [email protected]