In addition to maintaining ongoing outreach yoga programs throughout Montreal, the Yoga Mala Foundation is proud to offer trainings focused on educating, supporting, and empowering yoga professionals who are interested in working with specialized populations.

In an effort to provide financial accessibility to yoga teachers interested in these educational opportunities the Yoga Mala Foundation is offering partial and full scholarships. Scholarship recipients will be welcomed as Yoga Mala Foundation ambassadors representing the values of accessibility and carrying the mission of our organization beyond the yoga studio walls.

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Upcoming Training:

Yoga For Trauma
Consent, Contact and Context: The evolution of moving with others through yoga

With Theodora Wildcroft


As most of us are now aware, between the pre-modern and modern era many aspects of teaching yoga radically evolved. But one of the most important changes is the least understood: the widespread assumption of practicing side by side. What does it mean for us to practice together? What does it change? What is hidden in the transmission of practice from one body to another?

This course aims to be fully accessible and inclusive, discussion-led, community-focused, and sensitive to the needs of vulnerable, traditionally excluded and neuro-diverse populations. Please contact us to discuss any specific or additional needs.

Theo Wildcroft is a practitioner, teacher, and researcher of contemporary yoga, whose recent work has profound implications for understanding the diversity of possible

experiences of asana and pranayama, but also bhakti, seva and meditation. This innovative course will build on as yet unpublished findings, and range from the neuroscientific to the cultural and political sphere, grounding each aspect of theory in practical exploration. Much has been written on the inner experience of the practice. Too seldom have we asked ourselves what happens when we attempt to share this deeply personal experience with others.

Dates: Feb 7th and 8th 6-9pm and Feb 9th and 10th 9am-5pm 2019 Presentation made possible by the Yoga Mala Foundation

Tuition: $495 (plus tax)

Location:  Naada Yoga (5540 Casgrain Ave / 514-928-3274)